Magazines Tips for Canadian 3-Gunners

One of the things that was hard for me to accept about 3-Gun was the proclivity within the sport to drop magazines.  Training in the Canadian Army in the early 2000's, dropping a mag was a push-up worthy sin and I've seen it where an 150 soldier Company would spend days combing through a training … Continue reading Magazines Tips for Canadian 3-Gunners

Why I Need To Own a Handgun

Handguns are an embodiment of responsibility. There are few instances in life where one can so clearly perceive a burden of responsibility as when one has a loaded handgun in hand, ready to shoot. Responsibility is a central component to all firearms ownership and operation, but handguns are special. Long guns, rifles especially, provide a … Continue reading Why I Need To Own a Handgun

How to Improve Your Reloads

I was reviewing my times, scores and footage from my drill session on July 2nd trying to figure out how I can improve my rifle reloads. To become faster at reloading detachable mag fed guns, evaluate your guns parts, your technique and even your stage strategy to eliminate unnecessary movements when reloading.  (If you … Continue reading How to Improve Your Reloads