A New Shooters Guide to 3-Gun (and Shooting in General)

I have had this article in the notes of my phone for the better part of 3 months, but can never get around to finishing, polishing and publishing it... So I just decided to post it as is. Enjoy: I’ve seen and instructed thousands of new shooters over the past 17 years. From a Small … Continue reading A New Shooters Guide to 3-Gun (and Shooting in General)

Magazines Tips for Canadian 3-Gunners

One of the things that was hard for me to accept about 3-Gun was the proclivity within the sport to drop magazines.  Training in the Canadian Army in the early 2000's, dropping a mag was a push-up worthy sin and I've seen it where an 150 soldier Company would spend days combing through a training … Continue reading Magazines Tips for Canadian 3-Gunners

Why I Need To Own a Handgun

Handguns are an embodiment of responsibility. There are few instances in life where one can so clearly perceive a burden of responsibility as when one has a loaded handgun in hand, ready to shoot. Responsibility is a central component to all firearms ownership and operation, but handguns are special. Long guns, rifles especially, provide a … Continue reading Why I Need To Own a Handgun