Guns and 6-Packs: 4 Months on Keto

I started Keto 4 months ago and in that time, I’ve lost around 35 lbs and feel amazing.  (I started about 205, and am within striking range of 170).  I had to readjust my 3-gun belt, re-positioning my holster and mag pouches and compressing it by 4″.

I had to compress my 5.11 TacTec carrier’s cummerbund by 1 Molle length on each side.

I’ve gone from bulging out of large shirts and 36″ waist pants to almost being too small in medium shirts and 32″ pants.

I donated about 4 garbage bags of old clothes to my church collection, because nothing fit me anymore.

My buddy Taylor was messing around a bit 2 weeks ago at my first Action Shooting League 3-Gun stage after taking a break.

I guess butt shots of your buddies (#NoHomo) are a thing among 20-something’s these days.  I don’t really understand it… (God, I’m getting old…)

I have lost a lot of back fat.

This was me in 2017 (large shirt, 36″ pants, Norinco CQA)

This is me in 2018 (medium shirt, 32″ waistline, Modern Varmint Factory)

Warning: If you don’t have a barf bag, be sure to pick one up now (topless selfies below).















This was me 4 months ago:

This is me today (and no, I’m not sucking in my gut)

Technically I’m a millennial, so I should have no reservation against shamelessly objectifying myself with semi-nude pictures to get attention.

Does that mean I can also shamelessly objectify myself and my wife? (No topless pics of her… yet)

She has been crazy supportive of me through this (and has done a great job at improving her own health – having lost 30 lbs herself in around the same time).

While not doing keto with me, she is embracing a reduced carb lifestyle (doing “Trim Healthy Mama“), and by God do I love it when she wears these yoga pants. #MotherOf4

Who would have thought a woman could looker hotter going on 40 than she did 30? Certainly not me (and she likes to remind me of that from time to time).

Please follow her on Instagram, because every husband wants hordes of strange men on the Internet looking at pictures of his wife in yoga pants.

There’s nothing creepy about that at all.

Seriously though, she’s come a long way in a year after having our 4th child, Baby Sapphire.

So what is the point of all this pointless vanity?

To highlight the fact that while my wife and I have a lot of good things going in our lives, we still have problems. Sorting out ourselves has helped us be vigilant to work through them.

We have made a lot of progress in coping with our daughters’ chronic illnesses (which prompted me to take a break from 3-gun for the past 4 months).  She’s not cured, but she’s improving and we are now able to see her illness as tragic instead of absolute hell.

As Dr. Jordan Peterson says, “there’s a big gap between tragedy and hell.”

To be clear, I am the only member of my family on Keto.  My wife purged our house of sugar, grains, and GMO’s.  Our kids are doing a reduced carb, increased fat, organic diet – but not nearly to the extent I have.

(This is what weight loss looks like… Yum)

I have noticed since we started as a family, there have been other positive physical changes.

Three in particular are:

  1. I have not had any eczema flare ups (which prior to, I was prone to all the time)
  2. No one (my wife, kids or self) have gotten sick (whereas previously we would get colds ALL the time – even in summer)
  3. I feel less hungry and spend less time thinking about and craving after food (I’m presently doing intermittent fasting.  I haven’t eaten since 1 pm yesterday and it’s currently 12 pm – frequently, lunch is my breakfast)
  4. I am less prone to fatigue and muscle soreness when I do any physical activity whereas previously, I would get crippling pains after any light exercise including spending a night SO’ign, getting out of the way of and chasing down super fit, super fast, 20-something year old 3-gunners (like Taylor).

The last point is particularly important, because that weakness I was feeling before was what lead me to a sedentary lifestyle (no exercise whatsoever).

It also lead me to feel completely wiped out at the end of the day, even though I hadn’t done anything remotely physical (and like death after organizing big shooting matches and events).

Not feeling that way anymore, I bought an eBike, commute to work, and go on short rides with my girls almost daily.  This adds about 40 minutes – 1.5 hours of light-medium exercise to my daily routine, whereas previously there was none.

To those who think an eBike is cheating, pedal assisted eBikes burn 20% less calories than a manual bike, so it’s still good exercise.

For my caloric calculations to determine my daily intake, I say 50%, so I stay in caloric deficit.

With my daily commute alone, I calculated I can add about 400 calories, which is roughly one high fat, sugar free, stevia sweetened chocolate bar.

(I’m very proud of my “High Capacity, Tactical Assault eBike” which will be a staple to every shooting event I go to)

Not only has keto has transformed my body, but also my mind.

Before, I struggled a lot in coping with my daughter’s illness.  It was hard to control the fear and anguish I felt over how bad things were for her.

While I still feel those things from time to time, it comes more as short bursts of sharp pain, as opposed to a constant dull throbbing angst with unbearable spikes of misery as it was before.

That is far more manageable.

On keto, that is a periodic surge of mental pain as opposed to a chronic and lingering depression mixed with an occasional bought of white hot anger at the universe.

Disgusting topless selfies aside, that has been the biggest benefit I’ve seen to going on keto and the main reason I’m going to stay on it.

That and for the first time in my life, I might actually be able to get a 6-pack.

More topless selfies to come… maybe once I get to 165?


I’m not a nutritionist or doctor.

I’m a husband, father, professional hacker, and gun-nut.

Please do your own due diligence or be prepared to accept the consequences of any diet or lifestyle change.

Also, pet a cat when you encounter one on the street.

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