Why I Need To Own a Handgun

Handguns are an embodiment of responsibility. There are few instances in life where one can so clearly perceive a burden of responsibility as when one has a loaded handgun in hand, ready to shoot.

Responsibility is a central component to all firearms ownership and operation, but handguns are special.

Long guns, rifles especially, provide a wider margin of operator error.  The second universal firearms safety rule “control the muzzle” is far easier to follow with a long gun than it is with a handgun.

A moment of inattentiveness with a handgun can cause an an unsafe “sweep,” a cardinal sin of all firearms handling and grounds to get you ejected from a shooting range or a firm talking to by the person who just had the gun pointed at them.

Therein lies the reason why I (and countless others) need handguns.

They force responsibility on us in a way few things in life do… and responsibility gives life meaning.

It grieves me when I hear of instances of individuals whose lives are so devoid of meaning that acts of extreme violence and suicide are preferable to continuing on with a perceived meaningless existence.

For me, (and countless others) the responsibility of owning and mastering a handgun has given our lives meaning and prepared us to shoulder the burden of other, greater responsibilities which further enrich our lives with greater meaning.

I am responsible for every pull of the trigger. Every round that travels down range. Every hit. Every miss.

That is an object lesson for life that is so lacking, especially for our young people, especially for our young men and boys.

I have seen it play out that my personal successes, my greatest learning opportunities, and the times when I have found the most meaning in what I do have been when I applied that lesson.

Take responsibility for my decisions and actions. Every one. Every success. Every failure.

This is why I need to own a handgun.

To constantly reinforce the necessity of that principle.

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