Dad Bod’s Out. Keto Bod’s In

I hate posting those silly mirror photos Millennials are famous for, but on May 5th, at 199 lbs (morning, in my undies) I looked like this. (Barf).

6 weeks later, June 4, at 186 (sporting some brand new 5.11 Taclite pants) I look like this:

To be honest, my figure looks like it did when I was in my mid-20’s.

I feel incredible too.

6 weeks ago, I was spilling out of 36 waist pants and filling in large size shirts.

Today, I’m comfortably on 34 waist pants and and filling in medium shirts. I’m kind of swimming in all my old clothes.

I’m in Salt Lake City at the moment, and I’m planning on hitting up the 5.11 Store to see what sort of stuff they have in stock that they don’t in Canada.

Before coming here, I accidentally smashed half a Starbucks Chai latte (with about 15 grams of net-carbs from sugar).

It was so weird, because I felt crazy jacked up. Right away, I felt like I was running on rocket fuel. I had to rough house with my daughters and do some sprints to keep myself from getting jittery.

In the process, I made something in my groin and thighs really sore and could barely walk for 3 days – but it still felt really good.

When I get back home I’m going to try doing a bit of a sprinting exercise routine, consisting of 5-10 grams of carbs, followed by bursts of sprints and weight training with light weights and guns to improve my posting and handling techniques.

If I can shave a few hundredths off coming up from the holster or low ready to acquire my sight picture, why not?

A dilemma I’m facing is wanting to buy all this expensive 5.11 gear, not knowing what size to get.

My goal is 170 lbs, but at 186, I’m already a perfect fit with size 34 pants.

Maybe size 32 would be right.

As a side note, when I get the health my my entire family in order, that is when I will start shooting 3-gun again.

Carbs, especially GMO’s are death to my wife and girls and we have a lot of healing to go before I get to that point.

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