10 Days of Keto. Now GMO Free

I haven’t lost any weight, but I feel very different. I never experienced a “keto flu,” but the test strips read me between a 4-8 day over day.

Some of the positive effects I’ve experienced include:

  • More mental clarity and better focus
  • Less anxiety and negative emotions
  • Less fatigue during the day
  • No cravings to snack during the day (I’ve started intermittent fasting and can go 18 hours between meals).
  • Spontaneous bursts of energy

Some things that are either unchanged (besides my weight) or a bit worse include:

  • Feeling physically tired at the end of the day
  • Feeling restless and unable to sleep at night

Both of those were issues I had before I started keto and are likely more related to the fact that I have a stressful life and sometimes consume more caffeine than I should and that I’ve always been a bit caffeine sensitive.

To stress, I work a 9-5 contract in IT, which is extremely mentally strenuous. I’m still not as physically active as I’d like to be – squeezing in 15-20 minutes a day just to walk (with my face glued to my phone while I type blog posts).

I also am coping with my 4 daughters, including my 2 younger daughters who are developing chronic medical ailments with food sensitivities and very bad eczema.

My third daughter in particular is having serious developmental problems, and coping with her condition is especially stressful.

I tell some of the guys who help out with my shooting league they should consider not having kids, because in the past, at times I would feel spontaneous bouts of despair and sadness over her condition.

Interestingly, since going on keto, I’ve felt less and less of those emotional bouts. It’s not that I don’t care about her, but rather my emotions seem to have stabilized and I can think more clearly about it without breaking down emotionally.

Having a special needs child is extremely stressful and prior to going keto, on a daily basis, I almost felt moved to tears over the tragedy of her condition. Now I have the ability to think clearly, something that, as an engineer, is my best asset.

Having traced through both of our daughters conditions, applied rational thought, and done our own research, we’ve set out to try dietary changes to try to treat them.

We are going to reduce their carb intake (maybe not full keto), increase their fat and protein intake, and get rid of all GMO’s as is practical.

I joked with my wife yesterday not to throw out a half empty jug of Canola oil, since I want to try using it as gun lubricant. It may not be safe for human consumption, but I think it might lube my AR15 pretty well.

Interestingly enough, my wife also asked me to start looking into hunting again, something I’ve only ever done once before I had kids.

I think in the fall I’ll try to scout out a location in the Foothills, far removed from any farms where alfalfa or canola is grown and try to hunt for deer.

We start out 3-Gun season this coming Monday and though I didn’t lose any weight yet, I think the other positives I’ve had going keto have made it worth it.

Honestly, what keeps me motivated to stay on keto more than anything is not carrying 20 lbs of unnecessary body fat while I’m running and gunning.

Let’s see how I feel in another 10 days.

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